Road Safety

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An eye catching cartoon colouring page of a Police car

An eye catching cartoon colouring page of a Police Officer and a Police Bike.

See if you can spot the differences in our road safety picture. See if you can find the good and bad behaviour.

A set of English activities based on the theme of the car. Encourage critical thinking and persuasive writing skills by getting the children to think about whether cars are our friends or foes. The activities include using a dictionary, creating …

A maths data handling activity based on the theme of road safety. By analysing the data and thinking of ways to reduce the accidents in Dangershire the children will be learning important road safety lessons.

Crossing the road can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it properly. Children, from a young age, need to learn some simple steps to help them stay safe when they need to cross a road. This activity …