Home Safety

The following resources are all items with the above label in Staywise.


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An excellent resource which accompanies the lesson about creating a fire action plan for KS2 children. This activity gives the children the opportunity to develop their own 5-point action plan in the event of a fire in their home. An …

This game is based on the famous ‘Snakes and Ladders game but with a few differences. As you roll the dice to move around the board, you will be asked fire safety questions when you land on a ladder or …

Can you get the ambulance through the maze to get the patient into hospital?

Information sheet on how to make a 999 call and ask for the ambulance service. It also emphasises the importance of only ringing 999 in a real emergency.

Use some colouring pencils to colour in our ambulance. What colours do you think it should be?

From early years, children learn about people who help us. This activity focuses on the role of the ambulance crews and paramedics. It gets the children to think carefully about when you need to call an ambulance for help.

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