Good Fire, Bad Fire


The fire and rescue service understand that fire is part of everyday life and that many items that could cause a fire risk, are important to us. This writing-based lesson develops the understanding of how fires can be used safely (a good fire), or used carelessly when it can be dangerous (a bad fire). The lesson will also reinforce the dangers of playing with matches and teach the importance of saying “No” when others want to play with fire.

How To Use

This lesson and associated resources could be used as part of PSHE learning or as a stimulus for writing. The aim of the lesson is for children to understand the different uses of fire and how to use fire safely when needed. They are encouraged to write down their ideas based on the images on the worksheet.

The worksheet can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below.  'Resource 2' will take you to the presentation for the lesson.

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