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This story has been written during the global pandemic and aims to promote discussion among children, and the adults caring for them, about how this is affecting us all and may do in the future. It is a story of …

The Fire and Rescue Service use different types of vehicles to attend emergencies or incidents. This one is a Aerial Ladder Platform.

Use these supporting notes to assist in the delivery of The Birthday Cake Mistake

These notes should be used to deliver the story ‘Know your way out’. They include a full narrative to accompany the story and questions to develop the children’s understanding.

There is an important safety message hidden in the code. Crack the code and uncover the message. Remember this important number if you need help in an emergency.

Can you crack the code? Find the answers to the maths questions, use the answer to find the matching letter and spell out a safety message. A great activity to practise maths skills and learn about what to do in …

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