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In these difficult times we have tried to group our resources so we can help take some of the stress out of home schooling. Either scroll down through the resources or use the filter box on the left to narrow your search quickly and easily.

You can search by age or subject or even by the type of resource you need. For example, you could select, Maths, for seven to eight year olds, and work sheets, and let the system do the rest!

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Lesson Bundle

Keeping Safe During the Summer Holidays

We want everyone to #StaySafe and #StayWise this summer! Here you can find a selection of fun activities that promote safety to children and their families. You can share links to our interactive resources or download our printable PDF’s where …

Play and learn with 999 Ted and this fun quiz. Can you decide whether the accidents are big accidents or little accidents? When would you need to need to call an ambulance for help?

Have you ever had questions about paramedics and the job they do? In this video Paramedic Steve answers 10 questions, asked by children, about his job.

A wordsearch featuring words that are all associated with calling for an ambulance. Practise spelling and quiet concentration as well as recapping some of the important things to remember in an emergency.

A fact-filled, child-friendly poster showing the most important things to remember when you need emergency help. After calling 999, what else could help the emergency services to find you quickly? Maybe you could practise some of these in a role-play …

Keep safe at home by learning some really important words.  This interactive wordsearch focuses the children’s attention on some of the key words linked to fire safety.

This worksheet worksheet accompanies the work on the story of ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. This activity focuses on the part of the story when the children have to call for help and the important details to remember if you need …

Lesson Bundle

Water Safety Activities for KS1 and KS2

In this bundle you will find a collection of activities for children in KS1/2 to aid learning and support the promotion of Water Safety.

This workbook is part of the UL Xplorlabs Fire Forensics Module. The session enables students to understand ignition and combustion principles by conducting/observing a series of practical experiments.

Lesson Plan

UL Xplorlabs Fire Forensics – Fire Lab Data Teacher Guide

This teacher guide is part of the UL Xplorlabs Fire Forensics module. The session enables students to understand ignition and combustion principles by conducting/observing a series of practical experiments.

A fact-packed information sheet that will support delivery of lessons related to this topic. The questions encourage the children to think about the differences between 1666 and modern day with regards to the way the fire spread and how it …

This activity is aimed at KS2 children with the purpose of helping them understand when it is necessary to call an ambulance. It is important that children learn that calling 999 should be reserved for real emergencies.

An excellent resource which accompanies the lesson about creating a fire action plan for KS2 children. This activity gives the children the opportunity to develop their own 5-point action plan in the event of a fire in their home. An …

Lesson Plan

Mini-Policing road safety lesson plan

This lesson plan is part of the Mini-Policing scheme which is a series of lessons focusing on developing trust between young people and the police. This lesson focuses on road safety. It is aimed at Year 5 and 6 children …

Lesson Plan

Recording the London Fire 1666 lesson plan

This lesson and its fantastic resources will transport your class back to 1666. Can they put themselves in the middle of the event and imagine how it might have felt to see the events unfolding? They can study one of …

An action-packed video with an engaging narrator, following a group of firefighters as they report for duty. You can follow their day as they prepare their equipment, practise their drills and keep fit and healthy.

Lesson Bundle

Year 6 Bundle of Activities

In this bundle you will find lots of learning activities which are fun to do, aimed at children who are in Year 6.

Practice number recognition and counting skills with this engaging worksheet linked to fire safety

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