Know Your Way Out – Writing Lesson


This lesson is based around the story ‘Know Your Way Out’ which tells the tale of a young boy and his friend that save their family from a fire because they knew exactly what to do when they heard the smoke alarm. Teach the children the importance of having working smoke alarms and knowing what to do if they hear it go off. There are many associated cross-curricular resources to use with this lesson. This lesson focuses on the sequencing activity linked to this plan and encourages writing using the images as a stimulus.

Resource Details
Age Group
Curriculum Focus
Delivery Type
  • Everyone
Time Demands
  • 30 mins

How To Use

Using this lesson plan and the story sequencing worksheet the children can explore the key messages included in the story. The sequencing sheet provides different levels of challenge, designed to be inclusive for writers of all abilities.

Related Resources

A creative sequencing activity to be completed after reading the story ‘Know Your Way Out’