Year 3 Bundle of Activities

In this bundle you will find lots of learning activities which are fun to do, aimed at children who are in Year 3

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This bundle includes the following lesson plans

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Fire Safety Code Buster – Maths Activity

The Fire and Rescue Service know how important it is for everyone to understand what to do in the event of a fire. It is important for children to understand how their actions can help to keep them safe and …

This bundle includes the following resources

A bright, eye-catching and creative activity to engage KS1 and lower KS2 children. Cutting and folding will develop their fine-motor skills as well as their concentration and attention to detail.

Develop problem-solving skills, spelling and language with this word search all about fire hazards in the great outdoors.

Let the children’s imaginations grow as they complete this delightful, creative activity.

An informative colouring sheet to help children learn about smoke alarms while being creative with colour.

Can you find all 8 hazards in the bedroom in this picture? Once you find all the dangers, think about your own bedroom and if there are similar hazards, that you can make safe.

Would you know what to say if you had to call 999? Making sure you know what to say, and what information is required by the operator is very important. Remember, you must only call 999 when it is an …

A multi-player board game to engage the children in the topic of fire-safety. Climb the ladders and slide down the hoses, try to be the first to finish.

This game is based on the famous ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game. But instead of Snakes and Ladders you have Ladders and Hose.

This game is based on the famous ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game but with a few differences. As you roll the dice to move around the board, you will be asked fire safety questions when you land on a ladder or …

Boost your brain and find the hidden words. There are 19 to find in total.

Bernie Bear has an important message to share. Crack the code and find the hidden message.

Practise number recognition and counting skills with this engaging worksheet linked to fire safety.

There is an important safety message hidden in the code. Crack the code and uncover the message. Remember to listen carefully to adults and behave safely with matches and lighters.

Whether covering the topic of keeping safe in PSHE or looking for a unique maths activity to challenge and motivate, this resource is perfect. Children will need to use maths skills to find the answers and uncover the hidden fire …

A creative, practical activity for children to make their own firefighter’s helmet. Why do firefighter’s need helmets?

It’s a busy summer day down at the river but not everyone is safe in the water. Can you see any of the dangers in the picture?

It’s a busy summer day down at the river but not everyone is safe in the water. Can you see any of the dangers in the picture?

This busy beach scene shows lots of people enjoying themselves on a warm day however look more closely, can you see anyone in danger? Hidden in the picture are dangers and problems that could be harmful. An excellent resource to …

Look carefully at the characters enjoying their time at the swimming pool. Can you see anything that could be dangerous? There are important rules to follow at the pool, this resource teaches children how to behave safely in and around …

Can you spot the dangers at the beach from the picture? See how many you can find. Once you have found them all, colour the picture in as a poster to remind you of the dangers. A fantastic resource to …

Look carefully at the characters enjoying their time at the river. Can you see anything that could be dangerous? There is some important safety advice to follow when playing in and around rivers, this resource exposes children to these important …

Learn about keeping safe at home by using this crossword to expose the children to key words and safety messages. Two levels of challenge available with clues to solve to find the key words that fit in the crossword.

From a young age, it is important for children to understand that water can be dangerous. This engaging picture of characters moving around a house, teaches the children to look out for potential hazards that could cause harm. Can they …

Frozen water poses a whole new set of hazards and it is important for children to understand that even if the ice on a lake or river may look thick, they should never attempt to walk on it. Use this …

Keep safe at rivers, canals and lakes by learning some important rules to follow when in and around water. This wordsearch focuses the children’s attention on some of the key words linked to water safety.

An informative video showing a simple re-enactment of the bravery shown by Grace Darling in 1838. Delivered by an energetic presenter, this video explains the story clearly and also highlights the work that the volunteers at the RNLI do to …

PowerPoint featuring powerful images of Grace Darling’s bravery as she risked her life to rescue the stranded survivors of the wrecked steamship Forfarshire in 1838. An act of bravery that earned her an award for gallantry from the RNLI.

It is important, whatever sport you do that you wear the correct equipment and clothing to stop yourself getting hurt. By completing this activity, the children will consider the dangers of different sports and the safety equipment needed for those …

Building sites are very dangerous places but lots of children use them to play in. Remember building sites are not playgrounds

See if you can spot the differences in our road safety pictures. Look carefully at the details and you may be able to see the good and bad behaviour in the pictures.

The Coastguard will be on hand for emergencies that happen on the coast. In this busy beach scene there are some accidents waiting to happen and some safe behaviour being shown. Can you spot them all?