Year 1 Bundle of Activities

In this bundle you will find lots of learning activities which are fun to do, aimed at children who are in Year 1.

This bundle includes the following lesson plans

Lesson Plan

Birthday Cake Mistake – Reading Comprehension

This lesson plan provides guidance on delivering an English lesson based on the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. The story teaches the children about the dangers of playing with lighters and matches which also links with the KS1 PSHE objectives. …

Lesson Plan

Know Your Way Out – Reading

This lesson plan contains details needed to support the delivery of an English comprehension lesson based on the story ‘Know Your Way Out’. Use the book and the storyboard sequencing resources linked to this lesson plan to encourage the children …

This bundle includes the following resources

Ben and Katy are playing and having fun but the fun soon ends when Katy starts playing with matches. Find out how the family make a quick escape and get help from the Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire and rescue service attend many different types of emergencies and incidents. This colouring activity is of an animal rescue.

Do you know what to do if there is a fire? An important fire safety message accompanies this colouring page.

The fire and rescue service attend many different types of emergencies and incidents. This colouring activity is of a chemical spillage.

Dennis and Denise help firefighters to do their job. Can you colour in the sheets to make them bright and eye-catching?

The fire service, not only attend emergencies but they also educate their communities about keeping safe from fire. This colouring activity shows someone from the fire service teaching a class of children.

The fire and rescue service use different types of vehicles to attend emergencies or incidents. This one is an aerial ladder platform.

The fire and rescue service use different types of equipment when attending emergencies or incidents. They will also use the equipment for training so they are ready to attend emergencies. These firefighters are using a hose and wearing breathing apparatus.

A colouring activity that can be used to help build fine motor skills and promote mindfulness, whilst letting the children’s imaginations grow.

A problem-solving maze activity to support learning about fire escape plans.

Would you know what to do if you heard a smoke alarm? Fortunately, Ben and his friend knew how to keep their family safe when disaster struck. A cleverly illustrated book, telling the story of Ben and his family and …

A useful set of plans to allow the children to plan an escape route out of 3 different types of buildings. Provides opportunities for the children to extend their learning on this topic.

This maze activity will allow the children to learn important fire-safety messages as well as encouraging problem-solving and writing skills.

A bright, eye-catching and creative activity to engage KS1 and lower KS2 children. Cutting and folding will develop their fine-motor skills as well as their concentration and attention to detail.

The main events of the ‘Know Your Way Out’ story can be identified, this activity can be folded into a book to underpin the key messages. You can even tell the story in your own words.

A creative sequencing activity to be completed after reading the story ‘Know Your Way Out’

Escape plans out of buildings are essential to help us stay safe at home, school and out in the wider community. Can you find the escape routes through this maze?

Practise number recognition and counting skills with this engaging worksheet linked to fire safety.

A practical and creative activity to engage children in the topic of fire safety. Develop fine-motor skills through cutting and sticking to create an eye-catching poster featuring Noisy the Smoke Alarm.