The Birthday Cake Mistake

The fire and rescue service encourages children to know that playing with matches and lighters can be dangerous. This lesson provides an opportunity to listen to and read the Birthday Cake Mistake story, a fire safety story which promotes the safe use of matches and lighters by adults. It also provides an opportunity to discuss the need for smoke alarms and escape plans at home and includes linked activities which help with personal, social and emotional development.

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  • 60 mins

This bundle includes the following lesson plans

Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake

A detailed lesson plan providing the guidance needed to deliver a cross-curricular PSHE/literacy lesson on fire safety, focusing on the dangers of lighters and matches.

Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake – Know Your Address

This activity sheet and lesson plan accompany the work on the story of ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. This activity focuses on the part of the story when the children have to call for help and the important details to remember …

This bundle includes the following resources

A set of finger puppets that can be used to re-tell the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’ or even make up your own fire safety story.

These finger puppets can be coloured in and cut out. The puppets are from the fire safety story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’.

This resource provides an extension activity having read ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’ story which teaches the children about the dangers of lighters and matches.

The main events of the ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’ can be identified and ordered or reordered to underpin the key messages. You can even tell the story in your own words.

Ben and Katy are playing and having fun but the fun soon ends when Katy starts playing with matches. Find out how the family make a quick escape and get help from the Fire and Rescue Service.

This game is based on the famous ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game. But instead of Snakes and Ladders you have Ladders and Hose.