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Lesson Plan

Mini-Policing road safety lesson plan

This lesson plan is part of the Mini-Policing scheme which is a series of lessons focusing on developing trust between young people and the police. This lesson focuses on road safety. It is aimed at Year 5 and 6 children …

Lesson Plan

Great Fire of London Introductory lesson

An introductory lesson to the topic of the Great Fire of London. Meeting requirements in the history curriculum as a significant historical event beyond living memory. This lesson allows the children to begin discussing the topic and thinking of questions …

Lesson Plan

Recording the London Fire 1666 lesson plan

This lesson and its fantastic resources will transport your class back to 1666. Can they put themselves in the middle of the event and imagine how it might have felt to see the events unfolding? They can study one of …

Lesson Plan

Mini Policing Bullying and Online Safety

This lesson plan is part of the Mini-Policing scheme which is a series of lessons focusing on developing trust between young people and the police. This lesson focuses on bullying and online safety. There is a PowerPoint and activity booklet …

Lesson Plan

Introducing the Water Safety Code

This lesson addresses the dangers associated with swimming in the sea without appropriate supervision. It teaches the children about the safety flags at the beach that will keep them safe in the water.

Lesson Plan

Identifying an Emergency

Understanding how to identify an emergency, requesting the right help and knowing how to do this, are really important life skills. This lesson will provide an opportunity to learn how to react in an emergency and also learn that you …

Lesson Plan

What to do in an Emergency at the coast

The Coastguard know how important it is for everyone to understand how to stay safe at the beach.  This lesson can be shared as a water safety lesson to teach the children what to do in an emergency at the …

Lesson Plan

Get Lifeguard Fit

An active and informative cross-curricular lesson to inspire your class to get ‘lifeguard fit’. This PSHE/PE lesson will engage the children in active learning about water safety and the work that lifeguards do to train and keep us safe.

Lesson Plan

“It’s fine. Look how calm the water is.”

Learning about staying safe near rivers and about the dangers of entering water without supervision is vitally important to help children make sensible decisions to keep themselves safe. This lesson addresses the dangers of playing in rivers and encourages the …

Lesson Plan

Know Your Way Out – Reading

This lesson plan contains details needed to support the delivery of an English comprehension lesson based on the story ‘Know Your Way Out’. Use the book and the storyboard sequencing resources linked to this lesson plan to encourage the children …

Lesson Plan

Memory Pairing Activity Lesson Plan

The fire and rescue service encourages children to know that playing with matches and lighters can be dangerous. This lesson plan provides an opportunity to learn about keeping safe at home. This memory pairing activity enables the pupil to learn …

Lesson Plan

Fire Safety Code Buster – Maths Activity

The Fire and Rescue Service know how important it is for everyone to understand what to do in the event of a fire. It is important for children to understand how their actions can help to keep them safe and …

Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake – Know Your Address

This activity sheet and lesson plan accompany the work on the story of ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. This activity focuses on the part of the story when the children have to call for help and the important details to remember …

Lesson Plan

Birthday Cake Mistake – Reading Comprehension

This lesson plan provides guidance on delivering an English lesson based on the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. The story teaches the children about the dangers of playing with lighters and matches which also links with the KS1 PSHE objectives. …

Lesson Plan

People who help us

This is an excellent lesson to explain, to KS1 children, the role of paramedics and how they can help us in an emergency. As part of the PSHE curriculum, children need to learn about the people who help us and …

Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake

A detailed lesson plan providing the guidance needed to deliver a cross-curricular PSHE/literacy lesson on fire safety, focusing on the dangers of lighters and matches.