The Birthday Cake Mistake Story


Ben and Katy are playing and having fun but the fun soon ends when Katy starts playing with matches. Find out how the family make a quick escape and get help from the Fire and Rescue Service.

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An engaging story about the dangers of lighters and matches and how a seemingly harmless game can lead to a disaster. This book covers both literacy and PSHE objectives when delivered with the narrative and support notes provided. It highlights the importance of: knowing about fire risks, having working smoke alarms and an escape plan, following your instincts when something isn’t safe and how to get help when it is needed.

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Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake

A detailed lesson plan providing the guidance needed to deliver a cross-curricular PSHE/literacy lesson on fire safety, focusing on the dangers of lighters and matches.

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Lesson Bundle

The Birthday Cake Mistake

The fire and rescue service encourages children to know that playing with matches and lighters can be dangerous. This lesson provides an opportunity to listen to and read the Birthday Cake Mistake story, a fire safety story which promotes the …