The Birthday Cake Mistake – Narrative and Support Notes


Detailed narrative and support notes to accompany the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. Provides differentiated narrative options, comprehension questions and teaching points to add further context to the book.

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These notes provide support when delivering a lesson based on ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’ story. This story can be used to teach a cross-curricular lesson meeting PSHE and literacy objectives. Covering important details about keeping safe at home and the dangers of lighters and matches, while also working on the children’s reading comprehension and understanding. The illustrations provide further detail and the questions provided encourage the children to carefully analyse the pictures.

Appears in these lesson plans

Lesson Plan

The Birthday Cake Mistake

A detailed lesson plan providing the guidance needed to deliver a cross-curricular PSHE/literacy lesson on fire safety, focusing on the dangers of lighters and matches.