Fire Action Plan KS2 Writing Worksheet


An excellent resource which accompanies the lesson about creating a fire action plan for KS2 children. This activity gives the children the opportunity to develop their own 5-point action plan in the event of a fire in their home. An essential activity to carry out as part of their PSHE learning about keeping safe. They can also pass their learning on to their families and make a real contribution to helping everyone in the home prepare for emergency situations.

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  • Blue Light User
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  • Everyone
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  • 40 mins
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How To Use

Discuss the need for a fire action plan and the actions we should take if we need to escape from a builidng in an emergency. Use the ‘Fire Action Plan KS2 Writing’ lesson plan to deliver this session. The worksheet accompanies the lesson and encourages the children to engage in instructional writing while learning about keeping safe.