The following resources are all items with the above label in Staywise.


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An excellent resource which accompanies the lesson about creating a fire action plan for KS2 children. This activity gives the children the opportunity to develop their own 5-point action plan in the event of a fire in their home. An …

Learn about keeping safe at home by using this crossword to expose the children to key words and safety messages. 

This activity sheet is for the lesson ‘Identifying an Emergency’ and teaches the children about how to call for help when there is an emergency and the important information that they will have to share in order for an ambulance …

A creative, practical activity for children to make their own firefighter’s helmet. Why do firefighter’s need helmets?

See if you can spot the differences in our road safety pictures. Look carefully at the details and you may be able to see the good and bad behaviour in the pictures.

The Coastguard will be on hand for emergencies that happen on the coast. In this busy beach scene there are some accidents waiting to happen and some safe behaviour being shown. Can you spot them all?

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