The following resources are all items with the above label in Staywise.


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Detailed narrative and support notes to accompany the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. Provides differentiated narrative options, comprehension questions and teaching points to add further context to the book.

These cards encourage the children to think carefully about the pictures and use reasoning skills to explain their similarities and differences and think about which objects are safe and which are not.

Can you crack the code? Use logic to work out the hidden message and spread the word to tell people what to do if their clothes catch fire.

An eye catching cartoon colouring page of a Police car

An exciting picture of a Police Helicopter that can be coloured by the children.

What do you know about the job that the police do? Why do they need their cars to stand out on the road? This illustration of a police car needs colour added to make it fit for purpose. Challenge the …

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