The following resources are all items with the above label in Staywise.


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Can you crack the code? Use logic to work out the hidden message and spread the word to tell people what to do if their clothes catch fire.

The Coastguard will be on hand for emergencies that happen on the coast. In this busy beach scene there are some accidents waiting to happen and some safe behaviour being shown. Can you spot them all?

Use some colouring pencils to colour in our ambulance. What colours do you think it should be?

An information page filled with vital water safety advice and fun activities to captivate children. This would be a great wet-play activity or early-morning work for the class. In an emergency, call 999 and ask for the coastguard

Bertie Bear has a really important message for children. It is important for young children to learn how to stay safe at the beach. This bold and eye-catching illustration can be coloured in to make it even brighter.

This book is all about Noisy, a very important friend who helps to keep us safe. Read all about how he helps his family.

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